We wrote Informational Activism: For the Students By the Students because we thought it was important to look at a variety of activist issues that we feel are important for our peers to become involved in.  These realms of interest were especially intriguing because while many students don’t believe that they have the time to participate, we found that it can be very manageable to become involved.  We were inspired to write about student debt because it is an issue that we never realized the importance of before taking our Communications 397: Youth, Democracy & the Entertainment Industry class.  What we learned is that being affected by an issue puts you in the majority, not the minority.  At the same time it is important to come together with those around you to make change, one cannot do it alone.  We also focused on some different areas of activism that hit close to home such as environmental activism.  We thought we would shed some light on how to get involved on campus.  As well as the Cannabis Coalition reform movement that is happening all around the nation and can be seen even on the town green of Amherst, MA.  Another important issue we discussed in our blog was the undermining of democracy through intimidation and how coming together in a positive light can make all the change in the world.  Throughout our research most of all we learned: Come together & speak your mind…

Stephanie Flynn & Brianna Murray are both seniors at the University of Massachusetts studying within the Communications Department.


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