Social Change Activism, Promoting Acceptance & Marijuana Reform

Being a student at the University of Massachusetts allows one to become immersed within a community that promotes differentiation when it comes to views, choices and lifestyles.  This is why I think it is particularly important to look at youth who are tackling social issues because they are concepts and ideas that will have a direct impact on large college campuses like our own.  Some hot topics that youth are either promoting awareness for or are taking a stand against include: The legalization of marijuana, controlling the horrible issues concerning hate and violence on our very own campus and last but certainly not least maintaining equality among all students.

The bottom line is not everyone wants to live their life in the same matter, so youth must take charge and understand how to be accepting so everyone can go through college and feel as though they are living in a safe manner.  Now lets dive into some of the most interesting issues that we came across in our journey through the blogosphere.


The Cannabis Reform Coalition’s mission is to dispel the myths, lies and stigmas surrounding marijuana and to reform the unrighteous laws that surround it while keeping our name as the most active and the most chill RSO on campus. – Cannabis Reform Coalition

One movement that has been taking place on the UMASS Amherst campus for a few years now is the UMASS Cannabis Reform Coalition.  The students who are a part of this reform are working to shed light on the issue of legalizing marijuana in the state of Massachusetts.  This has long been both a social and health issue that has been debated by activist and those enforcing the law.  Those in the cannabis coalition continue to meet with speakers who have fought for the legalization of marijuana in other states across the United States.  Some of the major points that coalition members have brought up is the potential profits states could gain from legalizing marijuana and then taxing it for consumers upon purchase.  Another argument you may have heard of in the past is that marijuana is actually far less debilitating and mind-altering then alcohol, yet alcohol has been in the market for years and years proving to be one of the most profitable industries in the world.  Through blogging and activism the CRC is working to promote the legalization as well as sponsors events like “Extravaganja.”   This festival takes place on the Amherst town green and maintains as a day where smokers can freely and openly smoke marijuana as they fight for legalization.



Before doing my research on marijuana reformation groups, I was unaware of how many of these groups actually exist in the United States.  Upon reading countless interviews of graduates who have dedicated their life work to constructing marijuana reformation laws, the theme that one is not alone in their beliefs came to mind.  Blogs work to unite students who are on the forefront of these issues.  The Weed Blog in particular shows us how being a member in Students for Sensible Drug Policy can eventually have a positive impact on personal life choices and career decisions.  This blog introduces us to a man who now works to open best-practice model medical cannabis dispensaries around the country.


This blog in particular helps those who may be close minded about this type of reform realize that legalization of marijuana in particular has the ability to aid millions of people who become ill with various diseases by allowing them to cope with the pain.  To aid you in making your very own personal decision as to whether or not marijuana should be legalized it can be helpful to look at a simple pros and cons list on the topic.  The most important idea to consider when taking a stance and deciding whether or not to become an activist on an issue is to be well informed!


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