Youth Activism on a Broader Scale

Today, we live in a technology-based world that is landscaped with social media outlets that can provide help to all of us concerning youth activism issues. Blogs, or electronic journals, chronologically explore and examine specific issues. In our mission to provide you with relate-able and resourceful online materials, we will supply to you an abundance of youth activism orientated blogs that can service you and make you aware of different issues. In our media hub, we will spotlight different blogs and websites that provide easy access, bullet point information if you will, about issues that may seem overwhelming and tedious when trying to research on one’s own.  Thus far in our exploration of the blogosphere, our favorite quality of these sites is that they provide a simple yet youthful twist on topics that can become extremely complicated.

Another aspect of these blogs that touch on social issues is that they have the ability to “rally the troops” if you will. These pieces of writing obtain the ability to fill the reader with emotion.  These strong emotions then have the capacity to motivate the youth to come up with solutions that concern these issues. The bottom line is that it is time to take a stance on these social and economic issues that are effecting the youth each and every day.


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